Monday, March 31, 2003

I don't know where this picture was taken. It sure bothered me when I saw the comparison between Hitler and George W. Bush. By no means am I fan of Bush or his views on how to resolve the current conflict.
Description: it is a poster on -what appears to be- a bus stop (possibly in Germany). A bloody background surrounds the pictures of Bush and Hitler and on the bottom it reads: "Same shit, different asshole."

Now, one thing is that you despise/hate George W. Bush, and another is that you take it to extreme ways in putting stuff like these up. To the creative sick mind who put this up, here's what I think:

Not everyone has had the chance to live the Holocaust era but those who survived, others, like me are left with what history tells us. Last year I was in Washington, DC visiting a friend with my cousin and I took the time to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is by far the most complete collection of memories and multimedia data of this horrible period in time. To make the long story short, I just want to say that after leaving the museum I could NEVER again think the same on Hitler, his regime or the Holocaust itself. So, if you -the person who created that poster- think that comparing Hitler's 6,000,000+ casualties and the moral wounds this era left will get your point across, you are if not as sick as Hitler himself. What is wrong with you people? People like you give the saying "ignorance is a bliss" a fine definition. It's good to know that we are getting rid of people like you, like Sadam Hussein, like Hitler.. But then again... who am I to judge or say in this?
Umm, I regret to tell you that if you are trying to get the images of the POWs from the link I posted on 3/28/03, it's useless, the staff took 'em off and all you will find there are gruesome stuff, ie: sex/accidents/and all that's in between. :|

On a happier note, for all you trance lovers get Plummet - Damaged.mp3 (I suggest Denotis Mix) along with the compilation I posted yesterday.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

I'm tired of this war already. It's been a couple of days since I last tuned to CNN. Frankly, I think from now on I'll just check on the latest developments from e-newsfeeds and Salam Pax's blog.

So, on a happier note, I just burned a new CD. If you're into trance/vocals/tribal/pop then get these songs NOW.

1. Circ - Destroy She Said (Denotis Mix)
2. Dj Rolando - Night of the Jaguar
3. ATB - Hold You
4. ATB - You're not alone
5. Frou Frou - Breathe In (Dj Encore remix)
6. Circ - Destroy she Said
7. Dolce - Sorrow (Orange Factory mix)
8. Dj Astrid - The Spell (Vocal Mix)
9. Cosmicman - I love you (v1.4)
10. Future Breeze - Ocean of Eternity (original Mix)
11. Future Breeze - Temple of Dreams
12. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
13. T.A.T.U. - All the things she said
14. T.A.T.U. - Not gonna get us
*this comp goes out to those who like the music I hear and who think I get the cool tracks first before they're aired in DR. Kthx and enjoy!
I have added a 'Comment' link at the end of every post. That way, my readers can comment on a post, thus giving this weblog more interactivity.
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Friday, March 28, 2003

No, I don't pretend to act like the news networks lately: sensationalism bold and blunt. What I do want to practice is, once again in this world of uncertainty, bring some truth out. I just found a web page containing footage of American POWs that the networks won't show. It is a sick and gruesome site, this is your disclaimer, please venture at your own risk. Click here if you're still interested. Look for the images and videos dated 2003-03-24.
Dolphins that are part of the coallition forces?

I can't believe what I just read. The US Navy is using dolphins to help search and disable sea mines during the Iraqi war. And, predictably, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals) is upset. Their argument: the dolphins never volunteered for these tasks. Interesting, but here's the problem: if animals are indeed equal to human beings, explain why they are not able to COMMUNICATE their rejection of the navy's tasks. These people are unbelievable. I can't even bear this thought.
How amazing it is to find an impartial voice among all this uncertainty. A mysterious Iraqi who calls himself Salam Pax, writing a Web log from the heart of Baghdad, has developed a large Internet following with his wry accounts of daily life in a city under U.S. bombardment. Salam Pax, a pseudonym crafted from the Arabic and Latin words for peace, came back on line yesterday after a two-day break because of interruptions in Internet access. The traffic on his Web site which can be found at, caused the server to go down. The Web site could not be accessed yesterday.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Everytime I come home from college, the gym or even late at night from the club, I tend to turn on the TV and watch CNN for the latest developments of this so called War on Iraq. Most of the times, I see the stuff on TV thinking it's a movie. And to this day, NOTHING has gotten to me like the images I saw today. There they were, images of houses collapsed, not because they were bombed down, but because the vibrations from nearby explosions just blew them away. Then I saw a speacial called "Global Perspective" where CNN showed how all sides (Al Jazeera, Abu Dhabi, CNN, ITV, etc) showed the same news but biased in their own little way.
No weblog is short, but to make this easier on all of you, it really got to me when I saw how people were begging for the aide that Medecins sans Frontiers (sorry if I mispeled it), a non-profit group that is helping POWs and civilians in Iraq get through all this mayhem. I don't know how to explain what I felt, I just felt it deep inside me. Maybe it is the fact that I come from a "poor" country (yes, it's relative, but I'm not going to detail on that now) and I just had this glimpse of how it would be, should this war involve my country. I thank God every day that we are not involved in this war. But then again, come to think about it, we all are, and yes, we are ALL affected by it. It's 2:00AM here, and I just had to get this off my chest before going to sleep. If you got here, thanks for taking some of your time into reading this, whatever it is.
Welcome to the blogger of I hope that in this window we can throw out all of those, constructive and sometimes not so constructive things, we have on our minds. Especially with the current events in the world, it's hard for us to live in a fantasy world of entertainment pretending nothing is happening.

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